GPTLUCK Solution's Case Studies Introduction

Since the introduction of GPTLUCK solution, its use has spread to many companies. However, for companies that are considering using GPTLUCK solution as a case study, there is the issue of "don't know how to take advantage of GPTLUCK solution".

In this article, we will introduce some examples of companies applying and integrating GPTLUCK solution and explore its usefulness.

What you can do with GPTLUCK


GPTLUCK is a ChatGPT integration and development solution, GPTLUCK can support customization for a variety of functions, including automatic content creation, AI chatbots, and automatic business email generation. The main things GPTLUCK can do are the following: GPTLUCK can leverage its natural language processing capabilities to build interactive chatbots. Understand user interaction and generate appropriate responses.

2.Content creation

GPTLUCK is capable of creating engaging texts and posts based on given topics and instructions. It generates creative content with appropriate style and organization of information.

3.Post-meeting report mail creation

GPTLUCK assists in taking meeting minutes based on voice and text input. It summarizes the main points of discussion and important opinions and prepares the minutes in an appropriate format.

4.Blog posst creation

Create interesting blog posts based on given topics and requirements. We build engaging blogs by providing content and pertinent information that will interest readers.

5.Newsletter generation

GPTLUCK helps you create content for your regular e-newsletter. We take interesting topics and news and generate text to provide valuable information to our readers.

With these features, GPTLUCK can address a variety of content creation and communication needs, providing efficient and engaging results. Furthermore, companies can benefit from a number of advantages, including increased operational efficiency and improved customer service.

Below are some specific examples of how GPTLUCK has been used.

Case studies introduction

1. FAQ response system for real estate company management operations

2. High-speed search system for Japanese government’s data

3. Low-code platform integration

A project to efficiently organize data from a low-code platform ERP system for a system integrator company is underway. The goal of the project was to utilize GPTLUCK to organize Japanese data for future analysis and decision support. The deployment period was one month and AWS was used as the cloud environment.

The system processes a wide variety of data imported from low-code platform ERP systems in the GPTLUCK environment and organizes Japanese-language data efficiently and appropriately. This improves data structuring and meaning extraction, enabling organizations to conduct more insightful analysis. The organized data is also used to support the decision-making process, contributing to the development and deployment of business strategies.

By using the AWS cloud environment, the system will efficiently organize data while ensuring scalability and security. With the success of the project, system integrator companies have achieved increased efficiency and quality in data utilization, helping to strengthen their competitiveness. They will continue to seek to create even more business value by incorporating advances in data utilization technology.

4.  B2B Sales email automatic creation system

A system has been developed for a sales subsidiary of a publicly traded group that utilizes end client company referral data and deal parameters. The system automatically generates congratulatory emails, newsletters, and proposals for efficient communication. The project was developed in a short timeframe of two months and deployed in the client's on-premise environment.

The system allows sales representatives to create communications for end customers without any hassle. The system automatically generates customized content tailored to company introductions and proposals, enabling efficient and timely responses.

Furthermore, deployment in the customer's on-premise environment is critical from a security and data management perspective. The system has been customized to meet the customer's requirements, ensuring secure and reliable operation. This project is an excellent example of how to successfully streamline sales activities and optimize customer relations.


GPTLUCK solution integrates a wide range of ChatGPT-based functions, enabling companies to improve their business efficiency and services. The examples presented in this article are just some of the ways in which ChatGPT and GPTLUCK are being used, and their use is expected to continue to grow. Companies must successfully leverage this technology to shape the future of their business.